District Commander’s Vision

It is my great honor to have been chosen as the 2020-2021 16th District Commander.

My goals for this year are:

Laying a foundation starting in 2020/2021 to carry us forward to 2023/2024

  • Remember our Past to better our Future
    • Refresh the basics
  • Serve others before Self
    • Serve our Community
    • Serve our State
  • Unity
    • Unite the Family

Remembering our Past to better our Future – refresh the basics by breaking down and understanding our Preamble, simplifying the purposes outlined within.

Serving others before ourselves –

  • First focus area is to Serve our Community
    • District Community is defined as our Resident Posts and their local communities and our District Committees.
    • Intent:
      • Identify events and ways in which we can participate in acts of service – how can we roll up our sleeves and help our posts and committees be successful
      • Communicate the needs for these events and invite participants
    • Second focus area is to Serve our State
      • District State defined as Department Leadership and Department Committees
      • Intent:
        • Actively support Department Leadership initiatives such as Membership campaign
        • Provide volunteers for Department Committee events and ensure coverage of all Committee meetings

Unite the Family – bridge the gap through inclusion of and participation with ALA, SAL and The American Legion Riders

Long term/Continuity Planning – it is our intent to get away from year by year planning. We believe this to be a better way to ensure the growth and success District wide; to allow for a smooth transition and stability in uncertain times; and is trainable and sustainable.

I look forward to working with everyone this year to accomplish those goals.

Terri Puckett
Commander, District 16 Virginia