16 District Recruiting – Nations Gun Show

District 16 will have a table for recruiting at the Nations Gun Show, which is great news. Currently John Carty and Joe Dudley are signed up for duty on some or all of the three days. We need volunteers to assist with this effort which will be all-in for the Legion, Virginia, District 16 and individual Posts in that order of priority. We won’t turn anyone away who is eligible.

The dates and times are as follows:

Friday, 16 Nov – 1500-2000 (initial set up earlier)

Saturday, 17 Nov – 0900-1700

Sunday, 18 Nov – 1000-1700

John Carty will plan to cover down the whole time, but would greatly appreciate any help from others.

To volunteer you will need to get your information to John Carty (first and last name of participants) for badging. The show organizers allow 8 pre-registered persons per table, so I will take those with the greatest availability first and others can be badged once they arrive at the show, if they can only help for short periods. I will establish a roster of all who respond and email them back with updated information as it becomes available.

PLEASE REPLY VIA EMAIL BY 9 NOVEMBER to: cartjj2003@yahoo.com.

POC: John J. Carty, Jr.
1st Vice Commander
District 16, Department of Virginia
cell: 617-821-9517
email: cartjj2003@yahoo.com