District Commander’s Vision

Simply said, I am honored to lead such a fine group and am grateful to be your District Commander. As we continue to carry the burden our nation expects of us, I charge you with being proficient and professional in everything you do. In the business of recruiting and membership, this is especially magnified. Ultimately, I expect that we will maintain our Legion values while ensuring mission accomplishment. The following are characteristics I find most important.

Leadership – A cornerstone, The Legion has influenced countless leaders. Furthermore, each of us here has been influenced by Legion traits and principles. Our goal is to know then and live by them. Build on the Legion’s legacy.

Accountability – Always remain accountable to yourself and to your Post. We will make every effort to ensure flawless accountability; District, Post and Membership.

Communication – Consistent and clear communication must be maintained to ensure mission accomplishment. The smallest piece of information that is not communicated effectively could have a long reaching negative impact. Our goal is clear and timely communication across each level of command.

Proficiency – Brilliance in the basics leads to effective accomplishment of complex missions. Know your weaknesses and strive to mitigate them while building upon your strengths. We will start with basic skills and individual tasks and will finish with committee proficiency. Our goal is to ensure that our committees can provide the necessary support to the Posts and enable the Post Commanders decision making cycle. Educate yourself on traditions, customs and courtesies, and the four pillars of the Legion. If you can “talk the talk”, you can “walk the walk”.

Physical Fitness – A strong body helps to develop a strong mind, each of which gives us an edge over our enemy. We may not be as strong as we once were, but we still have the drive to succeed.

Professionalism – The Legion has enjoyed a long history of success and is filled with military tradition. In honoring those who have worked so hard to maintain those traditions, we will ensure the utmost professionalism while at the Post, in the community and while on liberty. Build on the Legion’s Legacy.

Personal Responsibility – Each of us has a professional responsibility to ourselves, each other, and our Post. This is a key aspect to personal and professional success. Each Legionnaire has a personal responsibility to contribute to their God , and our Country.

For God and Country,

M. E. Meier
16th District
Department of Virginia