High School Oratorical

Each year the American Legion sponsors its National High School Oratorical Contest. This contest provides your students an excellent opportunity to improve their research, writing and oration skills plus gain a greater appreciation for one of our country’s cornerstone documents, the United States Constitution. This is a national competition with the top national orator receiving an $18,000 scholarship for college.

Local contests are conducted in December or January. Top orators advance to district and regional competitions with the very best orators advancing to the state-level contest in March. In addition to awards and scholarships earned at lower levels, scholarships awarded at the state level include $1,100 for first place and $600 for students finishing second or third.

For more information about the American Legion Oratorical program, contact your local American Legion Post or visit our National website.

For more information about the District portion of the American Legion Oratorical program, contact the District Oratorical Chair, Erin Fox, Post 290, (703)200-2881.