Children and Youth

This committee is charged with ensuring that any child of a veteran in need of care and protection shall receive proper and timely service and aid, strengthening the family unit, extending support to sound organizations and facilities that provide services for children and youth, and maintaining a well-rounded program that meets the needs of the young people in the community.

They are tasked to formulate, recommend and implement plans, programs and activities designed to assure care and protection for the children of veterans and to improve conditions for all children and youth with due concern for maintaining the integrity of the family home and preventing social and physical ills of children and youth where possible, utilizing services of, and collaborating with sound organizations and agencies to benefit children and youth, to promote and advocate the Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance Program, and to maintain a balanced program providing for their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

For additional information on the various programs see the Special Programs and Services menu items.

For additional information about the Children & Youth Committee contact the Children & Youth Committee Chair, Patrick Fox Post 290 .