16th District Committee Chairs

The 16th District has Committee Chairs appointed to manage the various American Legion programs within the 16th District (except the Finance Committee Chair who is elected).  The 16th District Committee Chairs for program year 2021-2022 are listed below.

  16 District Committee Legionnaire Post
Finance Committee Bob Brady 247
Finance Committee Robert Yowell 247
Finance Committee Sonnie Dickerson 330
Americanism Sonnie Dickerson 330
Athletic James Grenier  
American Legion Riders (ALR) David Flowers 290
Blood Donor Vacant 247 
Boys State Robert Yowell 247 
Children and Youth Victor Graulau Jr 28
Constitution and Bylaws John Hess 290
Credentials John Ward 34
JROTC Drill Mark Stein 10
Junior Law Cadet Mark Stein 10
Junior Shooting Sports Claude Davenport 72
Legislative George Lussier 28
Membership James Grenier 34
National Security Vacant  
New Post Bob Brady 247
Nominating John Ward 34
Media & Communications Victor Graulau Jr 28
Oratorical Erin Fox 290
Rehabilitation (VA&R & VAVS) Steve Botello 10
Resolutions John Hess 290
Sons of the American Legion Victor Graulau Jr 28
Webmaster Victor Graulau Jr 28