16th District Shooting Competiton

Putting the fun back into the conferences, the 16th District recently held a shooting competition in conjunction with the Fall Conference held at Post 330 in Culpeper. Thanks to the superior hospitality of Post 330, we were allowed to use their members shooting area to play the sounds of freedom while having a little friendly competition at the same time. The event was open to all Legionnaire Family Members along with their family members of any age. (more photos and video at bottom of the page).

A great time was had by all who attended and there were plenty of weapons that were shared among the different participants. But at the end of the open shooting period we got serious about testing our skills on the various firearms that were available. Awards were presented at the Fall Conference for the winners of the competition period as shown below. Note that the scores were very close (only a point or two separation) and thus we had several ties for some awards.

Limited Pistol Metallic Pistol Open Pistol
1st – Ken Highland (330) 1st – Ken Highland (330) 1st – Ken Highland (330)
2nd – Paula Mullins (247) 2nd – Sonnie Dickerson (330) 2nd – Sonnie Dickerson (330)
3rd – John Carty (34) 2nd – Ziggy Levison (247) 2nd – Ziggy Levison (247)
  3rd – Paula Mullins (247) 3rd – James Grenier (34)
Limited Rifle Metallic Rifle Open Rifle
1st – Ziggy Levison (247) 1st – John Carty (34) 1st – Luke Womer (330)
1st – Mark Mahn (247) 2nd – James Grenier (34) 2nd – Ziggy Levison (247)
2nd – Sonnie Dickerson (330) 3rd – Ziggy Levison (247) 3rd – James Grenier (34)
3rd – John Carty (34)    
Muzzle Loader Overall Post Overall Individual
1st – John Ward (34) 1st – Post 330 1st – Ziggy Levison (247)
2nd – John Carty (34) 2nd – Post 247 2nd – Ken Highland (330)
  3rd – Post 34 3rd – Sonnie Dickerson (330)