American Legion Baseball Notices for the 15th and 16th Districts

15th and 16th District League bylaws

It looks as if we will have 4 Senior teams this season: Post 290 Stafford, Post 72 Warrenton, Post 21 Winchester, and Post 34 Leesburg.

Post 330 Culpepper has not yet formed a team.  

Post 290 is the only League Post to have a Junior team.  

I guess it is still possible for other teams to form; but, to date, these are the only Posts to identify their teams.  

And we won’t know final League, Regional, or Department structure until we have final registrations before the June 1 deadline. 

We will need to meet to schedule games.  

Post 290, I’ll need your coach’s contact information.  Jim Lilek, Dan Gershen, and Nate Eback will continue as primary contacts for their teams. 

With only 4 teams, we should play a minimum of 3 games per opponent.  You should look to get other games with each other and with 17th District League teams.  17th District looks to be the biggest league this year with 7 teams.  With only 4 SR teams, likely Post season could be two, 3-game series (with 2 wins out of the 3) then the 2 winners advancing to League Final 3 game series (with 2 wins out of the 3) to determine League Champion.     

Please get coaches to initiate Background Checks and training soon.  

Please begin to think about your schedules.  I’d like to meet soon.  How about Saturday 23 April at 11:00am? I’ll send Zoom meeting invitation.  Likely meet virtually for first meeting.  Then follow-up with in-person meeting after May 15th when we have better idea of number of teams in Northern Region. 



James Grenier

Virginia Baseball Chairman

16th District Vice Commander



m: 703.795.5303