April Nations Gun Show Membership Recruiting Scheduled

We are getting ready for another membership drive at the Nations Gun Show during February. The event runs from Friday, 12 April to Sunday, 14 April. Our goal is to sign up as many new or renewal members as possible through the weekend.

Recruiting team at the last Nations Gun Show recruiting event.

We need volunteers to help make this a success. The times of the setup and show are:

Day / Date Setup Time Show Time
Friday / Apr 12 1300 – 1500 1500 – 2000
Saturday / Apr 13 0800 – 0900 0900 – 1700
Sunday / Apr 14 0900 – 1000 1000 – 1700


Volunteers should plan on wearing their Legion cover with their Post/Legion Polo Shirt or Legion Riders regalia. Auxiliary members should wear their Auxiliary polo with appropriate accouterments and the appropriate head wear prescribed by your Unit.

Anyone wishing to volunteer should email John Carty, 16th District Membership Chair or use the contact form on the website for Membership Chair.