Calendar Submissions

To have your event added to the calendar you need to provide the information below. This will be forwarded to a review team for inclusion on the calendar.

Please provide your phone number in case we have questions about this event.
Enter the Title for the Event (i.e., 16th District Oratorical Contest)
Please enter the date for the event. If the event spans multiple days enter the start and end date.
If there is a separate check-in time for the participants, let us know.
What time does the event actually start.
What time do you expect the event to be over (estimations are fine)
Name of the facility (i.e., Post 330 - Culpeper)
Enter the complete address so we can add a map to the calendar. We need the Address, City, State, and Zip Code.
Who is the POC people can call about this event.
Enter the phone number for the POC people can call about this event.
Enter a web link for additional information about this event if available. Example would be a District/Department/National website or location of forms.
Tell us as much as you can about the event. An example would be: Join us for the 16th District Oratorical Contest at Post 330 in Culpeper. Contest rules and requirements for academic year 2017-2018 can be found at: