District Planning Calendar Published

To assist with the large number of events and suspense dates coming from National, Department and District for all of the programs, activities, and awards, we have consolidated all of them into a singular list. This list will be maintained and published on the District website to assist with distribution. The regular calendars are still there and will have the same information.

You can see the updated District Planning Calendar List by visiting our website at https://16dvalegion.org/tools/ or directly access the document at https://16dvalegion.org/district-planning-calendar/.

Needed updates can be sent to the Adjutant or Webmaster but it is always best to use the update form located at https://16dvalegion.org/calendar-submissions/.

With so many dates over the next 4 months, we really need your assistance making sure this stays up to date. So, if you see something that needs to be updated, please let us know.