Dixon Golf Fund Raising Idea

The information below was received from Dixon Golf and may be helpful to Posts conducting golf tournaments to raise funds for the Post.

I thought I would drop you a note about how The Boys and Girls Club recently held a tournament like yours and used logo golf balls to make more money.

After they were introduced to the concept, they sold the ‘Logo Ball Sponsorship’ for $1,500 to Smile Dental. Once they sold it, they turned around and bought 34 dozen Dixon Wind golf balls with Smile Dental’s logo on them for about $500.

At the event they gave a sleeve of golf balls to each player and 12 dozen to Smile Dental.

They looked great to the sponsor and to all the golfers, and they made an extra $1,000 in the process. Smile Dental liked it so much they already bought the sponsorship for next year so no one else could get it.

Let me know if you are interested in doing something similar with golf balls, golf towels, divot tools, tote bags, backpacks, etc.

Joe Shimanek Jr
Regional Manager – Dixon Golf
(410) 499-4415