Manassas Parade – 16th District Float Seating

Space for riders available for Manassas Veterans Day Parade on Nov 3.

Several Legionnaires asked at the 16th District Conference if we would have space available for riders for the Manassas Veterans Day Parade on Nov 3. We have seats available on the 16th District float. We also have been advised that some of the other Posts will have vehicles in the parade that might have space on them.

If you desire to ride in the parade on the 16th District Float, please send an e-mail to Ziggy Levison ( letting him know how many seats you will need. Access on the float requires climbing three steps on a step ladder to access the float and seating is on metal chairs. Riders should plan on bringing a seat cushion (metals chair might be cold) and a blanket for their legs.

To make things easy the float will be at Post 10 where you can park your car and then ride on the float to the parade. The float will leave at 9:00 AM for the parade staging area. If you would like to just meet up at the parade staging area, we will be very close to the intersection of Quarry Road and Prescott Avenue. Only vehicles in the parade will be allowed in the staging area, so anyone arriving at the staging area will need to make arrangements for parking in the authorized areas and for getting a ride back after the parade. Participants who want to ride on the float will need to be in place by 10:30 AM. The parade will start promptly at 11:00 AM. At the conclusion of the parade the float (and riders) will proceed back to Post 10.

Additional information about the parade can be found in the documents below.