My Legion App Scam Warning!

From: Sutton, David M. <>
Date: Mon, Apr 3, 2023 at 11:47 AM
Subject: Scam Warning – unauthorized “My Legion App” in Android and Apple stores
To: Sutton, David M. <>

Scam Warning

There is an unauthorized “My Legion App” currently available from the Android and Apple stores.  The app was created by an organization identified as “Giant Killer”.  Please do not engage with this seller as they do not have permission to use our likeness.

Please do warn Legionnaires and Posts the application is a scam and is charging a monthly fee.  National has no plans produce a fee for service app.  We are actively working on a mobile application focused on helping local Posts and individual members. 

When our official app is ready, it will be announced through official Legion channels and will be identified with The American Legion as the “seller” once published to the stores.

Below is a screenshot of the unauthorized application as it is presented within the stores.

Please spread the word to our Posts this is not a sanctioned application.

Thank you,