Post 162 Outreach and Assistance

From the 16th District Commander, Sonnie Dickerson

First and foremost we are very proud of everyone in the 16th District who have come forward to offer support for Post 162. Your concern for our fellow Veterans is very commendable and makes me proud to be among you. The response they have received is overwhelming and they appreciate everyone stepping up so quickly.

We have been advised by the 17th District Leadership that they are working to establish formal channels for contributing to the Post 162 Fire Relief and Rebuilding causes. They have asked us to be a little patient with them and not start anything on our own yet while they navigate the legal issues. There is of course the rebuilding fund which they need to first find out how much will be covered by insurance so they can setup a donation process and goal. They are also navigating the complex channeling of funds to support their unemployed staff as another technical tax issue.

Post 162 Leadership along with the 17th District and Virginia Department are working together to identify a project plan to address the needs and assign POCs for each of the efforts. They are also reaching out to professionals in the areas of taxation and charitable donations to make sure we have good rules to follow so nobody gets in trouble with the IRS while trying to help out our fellow Legionnaires. They have asked that we not setup any fundraising activities on our own because of the tax risks associated with bundling or doing fundraising outside the formal channels to be made available.

If you have already started collecting funds from others to support Post 162, it would probably be best to discontinue direct solicitations until formal channels can be established. Any funds already collected will need to be held until the formal channel for sending forward the donations can be established.

Thanks again for all of the volunteers who have stepped up so quickly. You make me proud to be a Legionnaire and especially to have been honored as your 16th District Commander.


Sonnie Dickerson
16 District Commander
Department of Virginia
The American Legion