Safety and Security Concerns for Fundraising

A recent incident occurred where an individual robbed a local Post while conducting fund raising at a local Walmart. The incident resulted in some minor injuries to Legionnaires and loss of funds. Most important we are glad there were no serious injuries. There is nothing the Post members did wrong and we appreciate them sharing the details of the incident.

Most important we need to remain vigilant in these times. Unfortunately we have anti-military individuals and individuals who would rather steal from anyone rather than work honestly for money. Always work in pairs and remain aware of your surroundings. Remember not all of our Citizens or residents have the Honor and Integrity that we have.

If you are doing a fund raiser, look for ways to secure your fund raising container to make it more difficult to run off with (heavy base, secured to table, or some other manner to make it difficult to run off with). Always work in pairs and remain aware of your surroundings. Think about securing funds in a vehicle on an hourly or two hour basis to reduce any risk of major loss.

Most important, remain safe and do not fight with people trying to steal from a fundraising event. There are so many cameras in use today that the individual will be caught and prosecuted. The lost funds can be replaced, but our Veterans are more precious that what may be lost due to criminal behavior.