Telemarketer Caught and Fined – You May Get Money

After many years since the inception of the Do-Not-Call registry and the FCC Crackdown, the Federal Government has finally cracked down on one of those annoying telemarketers. Phone calls began in December 2011 and had continued until 2018 when they were finally prosecuted for their actions. A class action law suit was started and a settlement has been reached.

The name of the parent company was and they were using Alliance Security and other third parties hired by Alliance to place auto-dialed or pre-recorded calls including calls to numbers on the Do-Not-Call registry. The settlement is for 28 Million.

If you are one of the estimated 1,215,993 individuals who were called trying to sell you alarm services, you may be eligible to file a claim. The claim could result in a payment between $94.00 and $142.00 depending on how many people file a claim. This of course is based on you giving up your right to sue individually, but free money is probably better than what it would cost you to go after them individually.

To see if you automatically qualify, you can check your number(s) against the list of registered calls. Simply visit the class action website and enter your phone number to see if you are an automatic member of the settlement. You can use the links at the website to read more about the case and he proposed settlement.